A collection of my speaking and writing engagements

Evolution by TW

My design + dev talk presented at a one day, multi-city technology conference
organized by ThoughtWorks.

Design + Developers: So Happy Together

BKK Web Meetup

During a recent trip to Thailand, I had the privilege of presenting my Design + Dev talk for the BKK Web community.

BKK Web »

Enterprise UX Meetup

I share learnings from my own experiences about how designers and developers can flourish together and deliver great software.

Design + Developers: So Happy Together


I am honored that my article on improv and UX is cited in an excellent post on LinkedIn about the importance of user experience.

UX Misunderstood & Underappreciated »

UX Mastery

An article about my transition into the UX field written for UXMastery.com. This article was followed up with a live chat on Slack called “Ask Me Anything.”

4 Excuses »

UX Australia

A 90 minute interactive session on using improv skills to enhance UX, presented in Brisbane, Australia in August 2015.

UX Australia »

O’Reilly Radar

An interview with O’Reilly’s online design blog, Radar, about how I became a UX designer. I discuss my journey into UX from theatre and print design and provide advice for others wanting to enter the field.

How to Make a UX Designer »

Midwest UX

I presented “Just Say ‘Yes’: Enhancing UX Skills Through Improv” during a three hour workshop at Midwest UX in October 2015, using improv to help designers improve collaboration and communication skills.

Just Say “Yes”: Enhancing Design Skills Through Improv »

UX Magazine

UX Magazine published an article I wrote about theatre and how it can be applied to the role of a UX designer. The article was also later published on the Nerdery.com blog.

“Yes and”: The Improv of UX  »


Along with my apprenticeship lead and a fellow former apprentice, I discussed the benefits of mentorship for UX designers and how to find the right mentor.

Mentoring the Next Generation of UX Designers  »